Wills and Probate

Wills & Probate

We have a wide range of expertise in matters affecting individuals and their estates. We can help with most matters of this kind and in particular the following areas:

Wills:   Everyone should have one! The consequences of not having a will can be very unpleasant for your dependants, and the cost of making one is not great, especially when compared with the benefits that can be gained by doing so, both in financial terms, and in peace of mind.

Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPAs): No one knows if and when illness or injury may strike, preventing them from dealing with their own affairs or making decisions about their health. Making an LPA can save much time, trouble, and, particularly, expense.

Enduring Powers of Attorney (EPAs): You may prior to 1 October 2007 have made an EPA or have been appointed as an attorney under an EPA. This document should still be valid. Please refer to our factsheet on Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPAs) for further information.

Tax and Estate planning: Inheritance tax starts at a much lower level than you probably think. Come and see us and discuss what can be done. We can also help with general tax matters.

Asset protection: if you have to go into care, your property is at risk. We can advise on how best to protect your assets from claims for care expenses.

Trusts: Trusts can be an effective way of protecting assets for someone who is unable to deal with them themselves, for example because they are too young, or incapable of doing so. However, being a trustee is a risky business: you could be personally liable for any losses, for example. We can help to minimise any risk.

Guardianship: if you do not make an LPA, and you lose the capacity to deal with your affairs, through injury or illness, an application for a guardianship order may be the only solution. This can be complex and time consuming, so let us do it for you.

Getting older: everyone ages, and with increasing age come various particular problems which our specialists in older persons’ matters can advise you on.

Living wills: Modern science can keep you alive for a long time, even if you are not able to express your own wishes. An advance directive can be of great help in these circumstances

Probate: When someone close to you dies, it is a time when you least want to have to deal with the business of winding up someone’s affairs. We can do everything for you, and avoid the distress involved.

Financial guidance: Receiving an inheritance, or a large sum of compensation, is often a time when people seek independent advice to determine the best way to invest their money.

There are many independent financial advisors (IFAs) in the area, but knowing which one to use can be a difficult choice.

At Hand Morgan and Owen, we recognise that this can be an important decision and we have established relationships with a select choice of IFAs, each with an excellent pedigree and reputation.

If you would like advice on any aspect of your personal financial planning, please speak to your Hand Morgan and Owen solicitor from Stafford and Rugeley who will be pleased to provide you with details of one of our nominated IFAs.

Catherine Cammock, Solicitor and an Accredited Member of The Association if Lifetime Lawyers will be on hand.


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