Web Site Accessibility

Web Site Accessibilty

This page describes the different ways to access the website and also the accessibility standards it complies with.


  1. All content images include descriptive ALT attributes
  2. Images used for design like gifs include null ALT attributes

Aid to navigation

  1. All pages have a back link in order to navigate quickly to the page a user was previously viewing.
  2. The main navigation for the website is viewable on every page at the top right and bottom left.
  3. Every page is also reachable through the sitemap.
  4. Where possible links use title text to procide more information about the content they refer to.
  5. Many html links are also constructed to make sense out of context, so that a browser can extract the useful links to the top of the page. (This is possible in browsers such as Lynx and Opera)
  6. All links open within the same window.

Text Size

If a user wants to change the text size they can go to the ‘text size’ page and select from the drop down list a different font size.  This will allow for larger text in the content items.