Statistics Show Average Age for Separating Couples Is Rising

Statistics Show Average Age for Separating Couples Is Rising

The latest divorce statistics show that the average age of divorcees is continuing to rise with 40-49 the most common age group separating.

The office of national statistics figures show that there were 111,169 divorces in 2014, around a 3% decrease compared with the previous year and 27% down from the peak in 2003.

The number of divorces in 2014 was highest among men aged 45 to 49 and women aged 40 to 44.  This continues the upward trend of the average age of divorce getting older, up 6 years in the past decade.

The rise in the age of divorcees may be partly because the attitudes of modern society towards divorce have become more relaxed.  Most divorcees are now in their 40s.  People are now recognising that they don’t have to stay in an unhappy relationship.

Statistics also show that once a marriage lasts 20 years, there is a much greater chance the couple will stay together, divorces being more likely to occur within the first 10 years.

Divorce rates generally are continuing to decline but this may reflect the fact that more people chose to cohabit first which could mean their relationships are stronger when they come to get married or may decide not to marry at all.

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