Protect your property from fraud

Protect your property from fraud

Property Alert is a free property monitoring service that can be used to check whether a registered property could be at risk of fraud.

An individual can sign up to the service to receive email alerts when certain activity occurs on their monitored properties. You can also call the Property Alert team on 0300 006 0478.

An individual does not have to own a property to register for the service, but usually it will be the registered proprietor.

An alert will be sent if an application or search is lodged against a property being monitored. Up to ten properties can be monitored and the same property can be monitored by different people.

Email alerts are sent when official searches and applications are received against a monitored property.

The recipient can then decide whether the activity is suspicious and act quickly. The alert also advises who to contact should there be cause for concern.

For further information on how to protect against property fraud, see

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