Motoring Offences

Motoring Offences

Hand Morgan & Owen has long experience in representing motorists who are summonsed to court for road traffic offences.

The bulk of our instructions relate to those who fear being disqualified by reason either of the seriousness of the offence itself, for example driving at an excessive speed or through the accumulation of penalty points (previously known as “totting up”) which will lead to a mandatory disqualification unless a case of exceptional hardship can be successfully argued before the Magistrates’ Court.

We have experience of prosecuting and defending such allegations and over the years have received instructions from leading motoring organizations and various insurance companies.

On occasions clients have the benefit of a legal expenses policy which covers the cost of representation and on occasions where a client is a valued employee an employer will agree to fund representation in order to avoid an employee being rendered useless to the business by reason of the loss of his or her licence.

We are happy to assist clients who are summonsed to appear before the Magistrates’ Courts in Staffordshire or further a field.

If you would like to discuss a case please contact Nigel Pepper, Consultant, on 01785 211411.

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