Liquor Licensing

Liquor Licensing

Before you can become a Personal Licence Holder you need to have a recognised training qualification. We recommend the National Certificate for Personal Licence Holders.

You can obtain this qualification by attending a day’s course at a training centre at the end of which you will take an examination. Within two days you will learn whether or not you have passed and shortly thereafter you will receive a formal certificate.

Where do you find a suitable training provider?

We recommend abv Training Limited of Stone, who together with their national partner MSD Specialist Training Limited of Hertfordshire, have delivered in excess of 5,000 licensing qualifications since 2004 and provide a variety of qualifications for the hotel and catering industry including BIIAB qualifications.

abv run courses on a nationwide basis and will provide you with user friendly course material in advance of your training day. If, when booking a course, you indicate to abv that you first learned of abv Training’s services through the Hand Morgan & Owen website or one of our fact sheets then you will also be entitled to a discount in respect of the course fees.

abv Training can also help you in your role as a Designated Premises Supervisor (DPS) in proving that you have exercised due diligence in the event that one of your staff makes a sale of alcohol to an under-age customer. As DPS you will have committed a criminal offence unless you can show that you have exercised due diligence by doing all that you reasonably could to train and monitor your staff. abv has produced a passport size training tool for you and your employees covering all the requisite subjects to prove due diligence. The “passport” includes a training record sheet to keep track of completed and required staff training. Each passport costs only £2.50 plus postage. This is a modest cost to give you some peace of mind as a DPS that you are complying with your statutory duties and hopefully avoiding the high cost of a prosecution and the risk of the loss of your Personal Licence because of the inadvertence of a member of your staff.

For more information visit or call 01785 813700.

For help and assistance in applying for Personal Licences, Premises Licenses, representation at Committee Hearings, Appeals or proceedings brought under the Licensing Act 2003 or for advice in respect of matters under the Licensing Act 2003 contact Nigel Pepper Consultant, Hand Morgan & Owen Licensing – 01785 211411, and


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