How to remove a County Court Judgment which has been paid

How to remove a County Court Judgment which has been paid

In the County Court, there is a register of Judgments, Orders and Fines (“the Register”) which records County Court Judgments and Orders. This is open to inspection by the public and credit agencies.

If the Judgment is settled within one month of the date of Judgment, then the record of the Judgment can be removed from the register upon application. In order to apply, it is necessary to complete a prescribed form (Form N443), provide proof of payment and pay a Court fee.

If the debt is paid but this takes place more than one month after the Judgment, then the Judgment cannot be removed from the Register, but the Register can be marked to the effect that the Judgment has been satisfied. An application is necessary and the same form is used. Again, proof of payment and a fee have to be provided.

County Court Judgments remain on the Register for six years. In order to avoid building or adding to a poor credit history it is important for a debtor, therefore, to try to settle a debt within one month of the Judgment. Second best is to pay the Judgment as soon as possible after one month. In either case, the debtor should apply for the removal of the Judgment from the Register or the endorsement of a note that the Judgment has been satisfied more than one month after the Judgment.

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