Licensing Fees

New Premises Licence – Fixed fee for a standard application

Fixed fee of £1,800 to £4,800 (including VAT but excluding disbursements)

This fee is made up of:

  •  Legal Fees – between £1,500 and £4,000 plus VAT of between £300 and £800


These are expenses payable to others, such as the fee payable to the Licensing Authority.  We will pay these for you once you have paid the equivalent sum to us on account:

  • application fee to the Licensing Authority – £100 to £1,905 (assuming the capacity of the venue is under 5,000)*
  • advertising fee – £150 to £800*
  • special delivery fee to serve the application, if required £18 to £50*
  • printing additional copies of plans if necessary £50*

*These fees vary depending on the individual premises and location.  The fees may be higher than the ranges given above.  Final figures will be given when we have the necessary details.

The Firm’s fee includes:

  • taking your instructions, advising upon and drafting the operating schedule;
  • advising you as to the plans you are required to submit with the application;
  • completing the application form;
  • submitting the form to the local Licensing Authority with plans. You must provide the plans;
  • ensuring service of the application to other bodies who have to be served;
  • drafting and submitting the statutory advertisement to the local newspaper;
  • arranging with you the display of the notice(s) advertising the application at the premises complying with statutory requirements;
  • lodging a designated premises supervisor consent form;
  • checking the licence issues and seeking correction of any errors on the part of the Licensing Authority.

The Firm’s fee does not include:

  • obtaining suitable plans (although we may agree to commission these as your agent);
  • attending pre-consultation meetings with the Licensing Authority or other bodies (Responsible Authorities) unless we agree in writing to include this, or any fees charged by them;
  • dealing with or advising you in relation to queries or representations received from either the Responsible Authorities or other interested parties;
  • advice on varying the licence;
  • attendance and representation at a Licensing Committee hearing for which we will provide a separate estimate.

From the time that we receive full instructions from you to the obtaining of the Premises Licence will usually take between 5 and 8 weeks.  If the matter becomes more complex, however, for example the application meets considerable opposition, it is likely to take longer for the Licensing Authority to make a decision.  If the application is dealt with by the Licensing Committee at a hearing, rather than by its officers administratively the application will take longer to complete.  The length of time will be determined by the listing by the Licensing Authority of the case for the hearing by the Licensing Committee.

Nigel Pepper deals with Licensing matters.