ID Checks & Certifying Documents

ID Checks & Certifying Documents

ID Checks & Certifying copies of ID Documents for existing clients

We can perform ID Checks or certify ID documents for existing clients, where the documents are required for a current matter where Hand Morgan & Owen are instructed.  No fee is charged for this service.

Swearing Oaths and Affirmations

A swear is when an individual signs a legal document in the presence of a solicitor or “Commissioner for Oaths” and then “swears” on the bible (or other religious book) that the contents of the legal document are true.  If you are non-religious then you can “affirm” instead.  Examples of documents to be sworn may include Statutory Declarations and Oaths for probate and estate administration purposes or for marriages to take place abroad.

All of Hand Morgan & Owen’s solicitors and chartered legal executives holding a current practising certificate, are able to help.  We countersign the document and insert the details, to confirm you have sworn the document correctly. Please note that by countersigning your document we are only verifying that you have carried out the swearing procedure correctly, not that the wording is correct or will satisfy the requirements of the organisation that has requested it.  The whole process should take around 10 minutes.

Please also note that a Hand Morgan & Owen Commissioner for Oaths cannot swear any documents that this firm have advised on or have prepared.  This needs to be done independently.  The cost is £5 per person for the sworn document and £2 for each exhibit/attachment (if there are any) and payment of our fees is due at the meeting with the lawyer when the document is sworn or affirmed, payable in cash.  Receipts are available on request.

When administering a swear the Commissioner for Oaths is unable to give you any legal advice as to whether the document has been correctly completed.  Nor can they advise about the legal implications of signing that document (for example, an Occupier’s Consent Form).  If it is legal advice that you require, we can arrange for you to meet with one of our other specialist lawyers but the advice is chargeable.

You will also have to bring some identification with you (e.g. passport or driving licence and utility bill) to swear the oath.

Certification of Documents

You may have been asked to provide a “Certified Copy” of a document to other solicitors, or to Government Departments, for example.  A “Certified Copy”  is an exact copy of an original document, countersigned by a solicitor to confirm that it is identical to the original. The wording of the Certification will depend on the precise requirements of those asking you to provide it.

Hand Morgan & Owen can assist with most certification requests, but we will need to know exactly what wording you require us to use. Our fees will depend upon the wording of the certification required, as well as the number of pages that need to be certified. It is best to speak to us first to make an appointment and give a quotation for the cost.  Our charges for certifying documents start from £5 for a single document (but are higher for Powers of Attorney).  You should therefore speak to the Solicitor who will be providing the service to discuss fees when making an appointment..

You will need to bring the original of the document that is required to be Certified. You will also have to bring some identification with you (e.g. passport or driving licence and utility bill).

Passport Application Forms

Kindly note that counter-signing Passport Application Forms is not a service we are able to offer.

Land Registry 1D1 and 1D2 Forms

We are not able to handle the completion of Land Registry ID1and ID2 Forms which relate to identity checks.

Foreign Documents

We cannot certify the authenticity of foreign documents.  You may require the service of a Notary Public.  Their duty and function is to prepare, attest, authenticate, verify and certify deeds and other documents, for use anywhere in the world.