Why You Should Instruct a Family Solicitor

Why You Should Instruct a Family Solicitor

If you have considered doing your own divorce to save money, you should think again.

Can you rely upon your husband or wife to be honest with you when it comes to disclosing their financial position?  It is not uncommon for a party to try and hide their true worth by disposing of assets.  They may do this by passing them to a relation or friend or simply not telling you about them. According to research, 58% of people would consider hiding assets or their earnings from their partner, were they to get a divorce*.  Would you know what to do if you thought your partner was not being truthful about their finances?

If you use a Family Solicitor we know what to look for and can investigate the matter further for you to ensure that nothing is overlooked in the financial settlement. Copies of bank statements and other documents will be requested for at least the previous 12 months and scrutinised to see if any other bank accounts are referred to or any transactions appear irregular.  If there are, an explanation can be sought and, if necessary, a Court Order obtained with a view to the true extent of your partner’s wealth being revealed.

Without the assistance of a Family Solicitor, any dishonesty may go undetected and you won’t receive the settlement to which you are entitled.  Attempting to deal with things yourself may prove more costly than instructing a Family Solicitor.

*          Research carried out by Atomik in March 2017 involving a survey of 1065 participants


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