Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

Having been established for over 250 years in Staffordshire we recognise and acknowledge the importance of working in a sustainable manner with due regard to protecting the environment for the benefit of current and future employees, their families, residents of Staffordshire and the rest of the world.

Our partners and staff will always endeavor to uphold our environmental and sustainable best practice policies and guidelines whilst carrying out their duties.


  • To be actively involved in the communities in which we live
  • To always seek supplies from sustainable sources where appropriate
  • Where possible to support local businesses in our purchasing polices
  • To minimize the use of the earths natural resources.To reduce our ‘carbon footprint’ through efficient use of energy
  • To minimize waste through reuse and recycling
  • Encourage car sharing or public transport for journeys to work
  • Continuously strive to improve our environmental policies

We will support the local communities in which we live and work through giving of our time and experience to organisations and causes that directly benefit people in need and or promote social inclusion and learning in general

Through our policy of seeking local suppliers, and where possible British made goods, we will not only support Staffordshire Business, but will minimize transport and its negative effect on the atmosphere.

We aim to reduce the resources we consume in terms of energy, paper and fuel on a year-by-year basis and will always seek to introduce or use new technologies that will help us in this goal. Wherever possible we will choose energy sources from suppliers that promote production from renewable methods.