Debt Collection for your Business: Changes in 2006

Debt Collection for your Business: Changes in 2006

On 6 April 2006 the Civil Procedure Rules were fine tuned so as to affect the information which businesses need to record in order to avoid difficulties in collecting a bad debt. The changes reflect what should have been best practice.

From the 6 April 2006 for example all addresses supplied must have post codes otherwise the proceedings will not be issued.

There will be much greater scrutiny of the proper description of the parties, so for example the name of an individual must be given in full.

Further the debtor’s date of birth should be provided, if this is known.

Businesses should therefore review their procedures upon opening customer or client accounts to ensure that the above information is carefully recorded.

The new rules go hand in glove with the replacement of the Register of County Court Judgements which recorded openly unsatisfied County Court Judgements with a Register of Judgments Orders and Fines which will record both County Court Judgments and High Court Judgments giving businesses a valuable tool in their credit rating of prospective customers and clients.

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Published on web site – April 2007


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